Discontinuation of Rocket.Chat

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Discontinuation of Rocket.Chat

GWDG plans and prepares the discontinuation of the Rocket.Chat service and will offer an alternative service based on Matrix.

Availability of Matrix

The Matrix service is scheduled to launch in September 2024 and will be available to all current chat users. The Matrix service will be operated in the same open and widely available manner as the current Rocket Chat service.

It is expected that it will be possible to use Matrix before September, in which case an announcement will be made.

Testing, advance access etc.

GWDG will inform you as soon as access to the Matrix service is possible ahead of time and under what conditions. It has been noted that there is a desire and need to familiarize oneself with the functions and functionality before the official launch.

Availability of Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat will remain available after September, but the license will expire in September. There will therefore be the following restrictions:

  • Mobile clients will no longer receive push notifications
  • The online status of accounts (present/absent/busy/offline) will no longer be visible

When the availability of Rocket.Chat will finally end has not yet been decided and will also depend on usage beyond the date of replacement. The aim is to give every user enough time to make the switch and to be able to change workflows. Ultimately, however, the changeover is recommended to all users.

Transfer of content

From the time of the changeover, users will be provided with a website that allows them to move channels to the matrix for which they have the role of “owner”. The entire history, including files, will be copied, the original channel will be set to read-only and a final message will be posted in the channel.

The following cannot currently be transferred:

  • private messages/direct messages
  • channels with end-to-end encryption
  • bot accounts and settings for bot integrations


The usual clients from the typical sources for PC and mobile devices can be used for the GWDG matrix service. The recommended client is “Element” from https://element.io/download. However, it is also possible to use the service’s website, which offers the same functionality.

The use of other clients is generally possible, but there may be restrictions if the clients have not implemented certain parts of the protocol.

Further information

Further information or instructions on the use of Matrix, clients or the transfer of content will be published as the time approaches and the necessary requirements are met.

June 18, 2024 · 13:34 CEST

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