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Server services Scheduled maintenance
Cloud Server Scheduled maintenance

Past Incidents

Scheduled maintenance Maintenance on Koha from 2022-09-22 17:00 CEST to 2022-09-22 19:00 CEST

The version-upgrade of Koha servers has been completed and the services are available again.

Major incident Service GRO.plan seems to be down

Service is back up.

Scheduled maintenance Maintenance: SharePoint from 2022-09-24 07:00 CEST to 2022-09-24 18:00 CEST

The SharePoint farm will be under maintenance and will be not available. This will affect all sites starting with one of the following URLs:

List of upcoming maintenance dates:

Scheduled maintenance Maintenance: from 2022-09-22 17:00 CEST to 2022-09-22 19:00 CEST

maintenance is completed

Scheduled maintenance Maintenance: GWDG Scientific compute cluster SCC from 2022-09-20 08:00 CEST to 2022-09-22 21:00 CEST

The maintenance work has been successfully completed.

Scheduled maintenance Maintenance: Move of the GWDG Cloud Server Controller into the new RZGö from 2022-09-19 20:00 CEST to 2022-09-23 21:00 CEST

To complete the move of the cloud infrastructure to the new RZGö, the OpenStack controllers will be moved in the week from 19.9. to 23.9.

For this purpose, in the week between 19.9. and 23.9. a controller will always be shut down in the evening between 20:00 - 21:00 and put back into operation the next day.

During these time windows there may be occasional disruptions to availability for VMs without public (floating) IPs.

If you have any questions, please contact

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